58 48.780N, 003 02.150W
LENGTH: 99m / 326.8ft

Tabarka 3D Shipwreck Tour

Explore the Tabarka shipwreck in 3D. Simply drag with your mouse to move around the wreck.

On first appearance it is hard to see the appeal of this wreck. She is shallow, resting in 15m of water and in an area of extreme tides: at peak flow the water will run at 4 of 5 knots making for extremely tricky navigation through the channel. In addition the ship lies completely upside down so divers on the outside just see the bare metal of a hull covered in seaweed. Also, oddly for Scapa, the ship in herself has no great historical significance. Her design is not dissimilar to many of the merchant ships plying their trade at the time yet she achieved fame at the end of her working life when deliberately sunk in Burra Sound.

However, it is inside the wreck that the true magic of the Tabarka is revealed, making her one of the most memorable dives in the Flow. The high water flow nourishes the marine life, a riot of colour that adorns every surface. The ships cavernous cargo holds are pierced by holes that let rays of light pierce the gloom and create an atmospheric beauty second to none. Navigation is safe and easy with all traces of silt swept away in the strong tides so turning each corner reveals another beautiful panorama.

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This 3D shipwreck visualisation is intended as a guide only and does not pretend to be entirely accurate. Always research/plan your dive with care and always dive within your limits. 3deep Media, Orkney Island Council or any other organisations involved with this website do not accept any responsibility for injury or loss of life as a result of diving in Scapa Flow.

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